Monthly Archives: October 2006

IM 2.0?

I have released a developer preview of xmpp4moz.

A friend who followed its progress closely, said that he is “dreaming of IM2.0 every day”. That made me think.

There have been (too) many attempts at capturing the essence of “Web2.0”. Social networks? Open APIs? AJAX? To me, it comes down to realizing that, with a server at the other end of the, nothing really limits you to the “browsing” application—you can have the “publish” application, the “bookmarks” application, the “share” application—and to technology being available, which lets anyone create something and add to that list of applications.

Then, when you begin to realize that with a person at the other end you’re not limited to the “chat” application, but you can go anywhere from scribbling notes to flying together over a map, and there is technology allowing anyone to do more of this and do it now, I think we are beginning a very, very interesting journey.

To read more about xmpp4moz and play with the software, visit the wiki.