SamePlace, meet Twitter. (Introducing scriptlets.)

I don’t use Twitter, but some of my friends do and I also see them updating their IM status message often. I assumed that the Twitter bot was watching the status and updating accordingly, but it turns out you have to message it explicitly.

“Catching status changes in SamePlace”, I thought, “and forwarding them to the Twitter bot, that would need just a handful of lines”. And updating both IM and Twitter status with a hotkey looked attractive.

But how to distribute a handful of lines? An extension is too much, and yet it’s not generic enough to belong in the main application.

Thus, some hours later SamePlace got support for scriptlets, and it’s now available in the development branch.

Scriptlets are micro-extensions: self-contained JavaScript files that you can use by simply dragging them from a web page into the scriptlet manager (after having read and accepted a big fat warning, of course—after all they run with extension privileges). They don’t require browser restart.

They’re also ideal for quick, live prototyping: just create the JavaScript file under [firefox_profile_dir]/sameplace/scriptlets and enable it from the “Actions -> Scriptlets -> [name of scriptlet]” menu. When you modify the file, either disable and re-enable the scriptlet, or click on “Reload” in the scriptlet manager.

The Twitter scriptlet can be found here.

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