I am amiss in not mentioning XTech sooner. In a few days, I’ll be there to speak about XMPP, enabling real-time and user-to-user communication in the browser, and how that changes the rules.

Last year saw a fantastic line-up of speakers talk about Mozilla-related technologies. I stopped counting at around ten! This years there will be, uhm, me. Timing isn’t my strongest point.

If you are in Paris around May 15-21 and would like to meet up for a drink and chat about web technologies, functional programming, and the other things we do when we should be getting some sleep instead, please drop me a line. See you there!

One thought on “XTech

  1. Phil Wilson

    I’m probably not quite clever enough for the functional programming bit, but will be at your talk and will buy you a drink if I catch you afterwards!

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