XTech over

A lively XTech is over. After some wandering and (too) much train I’m again in (too) sunny Italy.

Circumstances of the presentation were a little adventurous—wi-fi wasn’t officially available, and what do you do when you want to demonstrate an instant messaging application and there’s no network to talk to a remote partner? Easy: you program an assistant robot and run it on localhost. (Easy? Um, ok.)

I coded Alyssa (source available if anyone is crazy enough to want to look at it) and it pardon, she helped demonstrate shared web application over xmpp4moz. Apart from drawing silly pictures and playing chess she enjoyed renovating Google home page in… pretty shades of pink. I must confess though that the funniest (for the audience, not for me) moment was unplanned: an hour earlier, after rehearsal, I had forgotten to stop her, so when the actual demo started I found her already in the middle of the script. I had to bring up a terminal and say excuse me while I reboot my assistant.

Presentation being toward the end of the conference and keeping me worried most of the time, and my social skills being low even on a geek scale, was not enough to keep me from shaking hands and exchanging laughs with great people from Google, Twitter, Thoughtworks, Opera, Jaiku and more. As the icing on the cake, just before leaving Paris I got to chat over dinner with Process-One folks, who managed to laugh at most of my terrible Jabber jokes and helped make me some sense of the menu (although I’m still not sure what the last thing I ate was, but it had much chocolate in it and tasted great).

Enough now with this real world stuff—back to the code!