Give presentations over the web in real time with SamePlace and S5

S5Share is a little script that lets you give S5 presentations over the web with Firefox and SamePlace.

Typical flow:

  1. the audience gathers in a chat room;
  2. the presenter tells the URL of the presentation;
  3. the audience loads the page, clicks a bookmarklet to turn it into a shared presentation, and tells SamePlace to “connect” the page to the chat room;
  4. from now on, when presenter changes slide, slide changes on the audience’s browser, too.

No need to modify existing presentations. Just copy the S5Share bookmarklet in the bookmarks toolbar and click it when you want to share a presentation with contacts or chat rooms.

The commented source of s5share.js is available here (88 lines).

Update: s5share.js can now also be included in the presentation by adding <script src="s5share.js" type="text/javascript"></script> to the HTML source. It will detect whether it is running in the usual (stand-alone) mode or if the presentation is being shared, and act accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Give presentations over the web in real time with SamePlace and S5

  1. Eric Meyer

    Sweet fancy Moses, that’s awesome. Awesome! I gotta dig into this some more. How hard do you think it would be to roll s5share.js into the existing S5 JS without breaking anything?

  2. bard Post author

    Thanks for the kind words, Eric. Having xmpp4moz set some kind of a flag (e.g. a connected=”true” attribute on the communication div’s), so that S5 knows whether it’s in shared or in solo mode, should be enough. I’ll experiment a bit and let you know.

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