SamePlace 0.6.0rc1 available

The first release candidate of the SamePlace Suite 0.6.0 is available.


Update: see here for current packages.

What’s new for users

  • experimental Thunderbird 2.0b2 integration
  • accounts can be configured to auto-connect at startup
  • contact input field with auto-completion
  • hotkey (Alt+N) to switch to next conversation with unread messages
  • sending and displaying typing events
  • hotkeys for text styles (Control+B, Control+I, Control+U)
  • different colors for nicknames in groupchats

What’s new for developers

  • revised presence cache policy: keeping presences from contacts also when unavailable, and outgoing MUC presences; removing incoming MUC presences when leaving room
  • when connecting remote application to MUC, application receives occupants’ presences
  • replaced JavaScript XML parser with internal Mozilla DOM parser
  • made logging optional and disabled by default; set xmpp.logTargets to “console” to enable it

Special thanks to…

  • dfd, who replaced half the nitrogen in the air he breathes with JavaScript and gave me quite a hard time in keeping up with his patches.
  • intinig, whose heroic, relentless, altruistic… nagging helped shape many features. Giovanni, users shall love you. (Me, I am going to write a plugin that deletes sentences from you beginning with “I’d like” for a while!)
  • Giuseppe Adessi, who contributed code for Thunderbird integration.
  • Sten, who patiently gave copious feedback that eventually led to fixing the infamous bug #20.