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SamePlace 0.7

Version 0.7 of SamePlace, the instant messaging client for Firefox, Flock and Thunderbird, is available.

It’s late over here, and I’m still on the lookout for subtle transition issues (who said that writing code is the hard part? Release engineers get all my respect…), so I hope you’ll forgive me if I spend some more lines at the server’s console and fewer blogging.

Packages are in the download section. In a few hours I’ll flip the switches to enable automatic update for those who are running release candidate or old stable. Uploads to addons.mozilla.org will follow shortly.

If you find any problems, post to the forum/mailing list or drop by the users’ chatroom (access it via Jabber or on the web). If you like SamePlace, consider supporting it; there’s no “Donate” button, but there are many equally precious things you can do: suggest features, report bugs, spread the word, tinker with the code.


SamePlace: new site and release candidate available

After many, many weeks of “should be ready real soon now”, the new SamePlace web site and a release candidate of SamePlace Suite 0.7 are available.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about both is the user interface. Most of the merit for it goes to Andrea Cuius. I’ll talk more about this and the numerous other changes that happened under the hood in the release notes for 0.7.

If you find any glitch or problem in the release candidate, please take a moment to join the users’ chatroom (via web or via jabber) and tell me, or leave a message on the forum, or even file a bug.

Notice to feed subscribers: SamePlace-related announcements will be cross-posted on the usual section of the hyperstruct blog and on the SamePlace blog for a few weeks, then will move to the SamePlace blog. (I’ve also backported some past articles from the former to the latter.) Articles about the programming side of SamePlace will stay on the hyperstruct blog.


SamePlace, meet Twitter. (Introducing scriptlets.)

I don’t use Twitter, but some of my friends do and I also see them updating their IM status message often. I assumed that the Twitter bot was watching the status and updating accordingly, but it turns out you have to message it explicitly.

“Catching status changes in SamePlace”, I thought, “and forwarding them to the Twitter bot, that would need just a handful of lines”. And updating both IM and Twitter status with a hotkey looked attractive.

But how to distribute a handful of lines? An extension is too much, and yet it’s not generic enough to belong in the main application.

Thus, some hours later SamePlace got support for scriptlets, and it’s now available in the development branch.

Scriptlets are micro-extensions: self-contained JavaScript files that you can use by simply dragging them from a web page into the scriptlet manager (after having read and accepted a big fat warning, of course—after all they run with extension privileges). They don’t require browser restart.

They’re also ideal for quick, live prototyping: just create the JavaScript file under [firefox_profile_dir]/sameplace/scriptlets and enable it from the “Actions -> Scriptlets -> [name of scriptlet]” menu. When you modify the file, either disable and re-enable the scriptlet, or click on “Reload” in the scriptlet manager.

The Twitter scriptlet can be found here.

SamePlace Suite 0.6.0: shared web applications now available at a click

SamePlace Suite 0.6.0 is available; you can read more and download it here.

What’s new

In addition to the features introduced by the release candidate, the following ones also made their way into 0.6.0:

  • a default set of shared web applications is available with a single click from the application menu (see screenshot—currently Firefox 2.0 only):
  • clicking xmpp: links in web pages will open conversations in SamePlace.

Many thanks to the people who have contributed to this release: dfd, ripley, intinig, the CDG (in particular Filippo, Fabio, and Giuseppe), Sten, Ryo, and Fabio.

SamePlace 0.6.0rc1 available

The first release candidate of the SamePlace Suite 0.6.0 is available.


Update: see here for current packages.

What’s new for users

  • experimental Thunderbird 2.0b2 integration
  • accounts can be configured to auto-connect at startup
  • contact input field with auto-completion
  • hotkey (Alt+N) to switch to next conversation with unread messages
  • sending and displaying typing events
  • hotkeys for text styles (Control+B, Control+I, Control+U)
  • different colors for nicknames in groupchats

What’s new for developers

  • revised presence cache policy: keeping presences from contacts also when unavailable, and outgoing MUC presences; removing incoming MUC presences when leaving room
  • when connecting remote application to MUC, application receives occupants’ presences
  • replaced JavaScript XML parser with internal Mozilla DOM parser
  • made logging optional and disabled by default; set xmpp.logTargets to “console” to enable it

Special thanks to…

  • dfd, who replaced half the nitrogen in the air he breathes with JavaScript and gave me quite a hard time in keeping up with his patches.
  • intinig, whose heroic, relentless, altruistic… nagging helped shape many features. Giovanni, users shall love you. (Me, I am going to write a plugin that deletes sentences from you beginning with “I’d like” for a while!)
  • Giuseppe Adessi, who contributed code for Thunderbird integration.
  • Sten, who patiently gave copious feedback that eventually led to fixing the infamous bug #20.